A Sneak Peek at a Journal & Keeping One for Work

Circa 5th grade, at a sleepover at my house with about 5 girls, a friend snuck in my bedroom, found my
journal and read it. Then she told another girl at the sleepover about it. I found out because the friend who
was told, was so appalled at the invasion of privacy, that she thought I should know.  Morals form young!
That is one of my first memories of journal writing --many life lessons there, no doubt.  I never stopped
writing but I did start to hide my journal better and choose my friends more carefully.  😏
Life lesson aside, writing in the journal is not just for personal use.  For work, it can be used to let go of
worries or jot down wild ideas, or to write a pros and cons list help make an important decision. It can serve
as a way to organize thoughts and ideas that may otherwise just play ping-pong in your brain.  It can
also be a way to process serious business decisions and think through great ideas for a business or
organization’s future.   
Reading articles about the benefits of keeping a journal align with my beliefs in its mental health benefits
and its career strengthening advantages as well.
I find that handwriting the journal has more value than typing for me.  Perhaps because I find myself to be
morehonest and less edited when writing by hand versus typing.  Is that true for you?
(and my handwriting is terrible so it assures that no one could read my journal!)
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So, if not already doing so,  journal away and strengthen your business mind!