A Leader Who Motivates - Let That Be You!

Are you feeling refreshed? New Years resolutions still in-hand?  Excellent! 

Happy New Year!

While you are in the mode of self-improvement and being goal-oriented, I want to share a few tips that may help you in your work with your team. 

This past summer I taught a class about motivating leadership  for the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Institute for Organization Management.  From this class is a list of practical ways to build your leadership on a day-to day-basis. Below are some of my favorite, very practical tips, that you can use. Just creating the list gave me the ideas and reminders that I needed as well.  See what you think! 

Practical Ways to Build Your Leadership Style and Motivate Your Team

  • Be authentic
  • Get feedback on your leadership
  • Continue learning
  • Be honest and trustworthy
  • Be transparent and consistent
  • Don’t take it all too seriously; have a sense of humor
  • Be confident and courageous

  • Your arrival sets a tone everyday. Say “good morning”
  • Lead by example. They are watching you!
  • Speak to everyone daily that reports to you directly
  • Make time weekly to meet with each person that reports directly to you
  • Recognize achievements
  • Provide regular, timely feedback- Use simple, powerful words - “thank you”, “you did a nice job”
  • Listen first
  • Ask individuals what motivates them, support their advancement
  • Address conflict to keep a positive work environment

  • Set the vision for the team, be clear on the mission
  • Assure all knows their role, goals and what you expect
  • Start on the right foot - onboard team members well
  • Help people understand how their job fits in the larger context
  • Say “yes” to your team members, trust in them and their ideas
  • Update the team after meetings so all are in the loop
  • Be inclusive -- “all at the table”
  • Have positive and negative consequences to actions; ignoring bad behavior is demotivating to others

Remember that every person is motivated in some way. You cannot motivate another person, but you can set up a culture that encourages motivation.

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You can do this! Best to you in 2018.