Learning to LOVE Your Organization's Database-- Tips for You

It is hard to even think about! What is the condition of your organization's database?  We have  one,  we need one, but they sure can easily get unwieldy. 

Gail Robinson of Generosity Data Solutions, a local company, offers these tips to keep your database maintained.  Her contact information is below if you want to know more about how Generosity can help your organization.

Your Personal Database Checklist
We don’t have to tell you how important it is to make sure your database is up and working properly. But we also know that keeping up with your database maintenance needs can seem overwhelming.

That’s why we created a checklist that will help you to stay organized when it comes to monitoring the most important part of your business.
  • Do you have a dedicated person in charge of your database? 
    When it comes to running a database, you need someone who can constantly monitor it. Make sure that person is available enough to ensure that operations run smoothly. There should never be confusion on who runs the database.
  • Do you have documentation for your data entry policies & procedures?
    Everyone in your company has to be on the same page when it comes to the database. You need to make sure that your data entry policies and procedures are documented and readily available.
  •  Is your data backed up and updated? 
    You aren’t going to get a warning before your database crashes and you lose everything. You need to establish a schedule to make sure that your data is backed up, and you also need to make sure that it's being updated. We tell companies to make sure they update NCOA, email and phone appends, deceased suppression data, and much more.
  •  Are permissions for all of your users set correctly?
    Every employee obviously doesn’t need access to every security level within your database. But we find that companies often forget to provide some of their key employees with the right permissions to perform their jobs effectively.
  •  Do you have the latest software installed?
    Collaborative projects can become a headache if staff members are using different software. Make sure that everyone has the latest software update installed to access key features and keep operations running smoothly.
  •  Do you have strong passwords?
    Stress the importance of password strength with your staff. With password hacking tools becoming even more sophisticated, a weak password can leave your entire company vulnerable.
  •  Is your staff properly trained?
    Is your staff properly trained on how to use your software and communication tools? Remember, you aren’t always going to be there when a problem occurs.
  •  What support levels are covered through your CRM Company?
    Do your customer relationship management programs have enough support? Are you able to accurately analyze customer data and interactions? Is your data migrated into one CRM program? It’s great if you are utilizing CRM technology, but a lot of businesses don’t have the support levels they need on the platform.

If you would like to learn more about Generosity Data Solutions and how we can help you today, please visit us at www.generosityllc.com

Generosity is a software and data solutions company that implements, integrate and customize software platforms so business processes can run smoothly, effectively and save time.
Gail Robinson
Chief Data Officer/Owner
Generosity, LLC

Thanks, Gail, for sharing your expertise!