Vacation- A Time to Unplug

Your vacation, so relaxing, or at least supposed to be! This is important and timely, since we are getting into vacation season, so I am sharing this again in 2016 with some updates.

People are STRESSED!  In many cases folks are not truly relaxing when they are on vacation. Technology is lovely but does not help us relax when we see email, Google Drive and  Linked In notifications on our phone constantly.  And when you are doing the job of two people, there is never a good time to be away!  But alas, we are human and to rejuvenate, enjoy life, and to come back fresh, creative  and energetic, we need a break.  

The two articles below have some great pointers.  Below the articles are a few favorite ideas gleaned from these. Take a minute to reflect on what you can do to improve your vacation this year and maybe take a few hints to share with your team.


The Right Way to Unplug When You Are on Vacation
The Right Way to Stay Connected on Vacation - NEW!

Favorite Suggestions

  • Turn off notifications. Disable any work-related notifications on your phone and computer for the length of your vacation.  How can you relax when things are beeping and lights are flashing?!
  • What do I and my fellow travelers expect from one another? Your work colleagues aren’t the only ones you need to consider. If you’re traveling with friends or family, get clear up front about your technology game plan. Avoid the family fight with this tip…
  • Set up a check-in schedule. If you are planning to check your business email,  set up a schedule in advance.  Talk with your traveling companions about this schedule so they know when you’re going to be in work mode. And share your game plan with your colleagues, so that they know if and when you will be checking work-related email. It would be better to not do this, but if you must...
  • Look at what's happening work wise a month after your vacation so that you can anticipate things clients or colleagues may need and may come looking for right in the middle of your vacation. Preparation is key to you getting to chill!
  • If you are in a leadership position, vacation is the perfect time to practice letting go and trusting your team or key individuals with more responsibility.  They will love that you trusted them and it is a win-win.

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