Retain Your Employees with the Help of Your Team

What I love about consulting is getting to interact with so many organizations.  I get to see such dedicated people in action and support important work.

The one constant theme is that everyone is at capacity or feeling pushed beyond.  People are working very hard, in multiple roles and for extra hours to get the job done.  This is the case at all levels in the organization.

We know it is more cost effective (for mission and dollars) to keep a good employee than have to replace her/him. So, we want our hard-working staff to know they are valued by us (supervisors) and by their peers so they continue to stay motivated to work with us.

How do you recognize your staff?  Consider carving out some time to think about how you show appreciation to your team and consider where you can improve.  A good way to think of it is 3 levels: day to day, informal and formal recognition.  

One article I read is titled, "Recognition is like exercise... the more often you do it, the more results you will see."   Maybe they are on to something!

There are some good suggestions in the articles below to help you get started.

A TIP- Peer-to-peer recognition is very meaningful to people.  It instills a sense of respect, team spirit, motivates employees to do great work, feels genuine and promotes openness and transparency. More about this below.  

KS Solutions provides advising and professional development sessions on this topic if you or your team would like additional support.

Articles on Employee and Peer-to Peer Recognition:

Keep up the great work!