Communicating with Purpose & Sensitivity During Baltimore's Outcry for Justice

While we are still wrapping our heads around the bubbling over of  serious and complex issues of our community and how to help on a small and large scale, I wanted to share a couple of articles having to do with communicating with your audiences that may be helpful to you.
This article, How to Communicate in the Midst of Tragedy: 9-Step Checklisthas a list that may be helpful as you think through your communications currently. This article was written in 2013 for a very different purpose in responding to the Boston Marathon attacks. These are very different situations, of course, we are not under attack by any means, however, we know that the community is in crisis and needs support and direction to begin the long process of building a community we can all be proud of.  Being sensitive and understanding of the community's mindset is needed when doing outreach.   This article addresses that and the steps given can be used in many crisis situations. 

Another good article is Tips for Giving in Times of Crisis.  It is geared towards donors but I thought its ideas  may be helpful for you in  making new donors feel more comfortable in giving to your organization. 

Communicating with staff internally is very important too. I spoke to few of you today and heard that your staff is moved by the issues we have seen in Baltimore and they want to help.  This is an opportunity for team building and to show your organization’s caring for the community even outside of your mission area.  Consider asking them for ideas to give back to Baltimore.  There is a variety of lists circulating on social media for organizations that could use volunteers and/or donations (I am happy to share if you need suggestions).   

It may be helpful to keep staff posted about meetings/discussions that are occurring in the community to work on problem solving based on the outcry and unrest we have seen. This will give them an opportunity to be part of developing solutions. Now is also a good time to discuss the longevity of interest needed in such issues to truly make an impact in Baltimore City. 

Best to you all!

Photo credit: Danielle Neftin