HOT Free Online Training for Nonprofits

While my brain is on a constant, frenetic overload from all the information on the web, I have to say, I am a glutton for learning more!  I want to sort through the not-so-hot things to get to the HOT stuff.  Efficiency is key in this process of gathering good information on the web and not wasting time on the less than “hot” items.

What's hot?  Hot is what is up-to-date or the newest trend. In this case free, quality, curent, relevant information for nonprofits.

There are some  some great free webinars and online trainings that various organizations offer on nonprofit management topics.  This is an efficient way to continue your professional development.  My biggest frustration is that I miss too many of them!  So, we have to know where to find the hot stuff and get on their email list, follow them on Twitter, or whatever works for you to stay connected.

Below I have shared several of my favorite places for good quality, free online training on various nonprofit topics including fundraising, use of social media, volunteer engagement, among others.  Many of these also have tools and resources you can download in addition to the webinars. Check them out.

Have fun. Share these opportunities with others. Be part of becoming a more knowledgeable and integrated sector!

·         Network For Good Great fundraising topics
·         Volunteer Match Great, modern volunteer engagement topics 

·         Constant Contact  Ultimately they are selling their product (email marketing tool)  but they have really good info on social media and online marketing.  And their product is good and inexpensive. 

·         Nonprofit Tech 2.0  Social media tips, free tools for nonprofits and more  

·         Tech Soup Great tech info and "how to's" about software  

·         SocialBrite  Social media for nonprofits  

Enjoy!  Let me know what you have learned!