Tell Your Story toThousands of People Through Images.


As some of you knowPinterest is a social media site.  Yes, another one! I have been dabbling with Pinterest and reading about how nonprofits can best utilize it.  While I'm no expert, I thought I would share some of what I have learned. According to Association of Fundraising Professionals it is now the 3rd largest social media site and the 16th most popular website on the entire web.  The topics on Pinterest are endless. This popularity is most likely because of the visual images shown on Pinterest with less text than other social media sites.  So, it may be time to get on board. It could be easier than you think!
What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a virtual bulletin board or scrapbook where you “pin” images, with embedded links, to a pinboard that you have created.  You can have several boards with different themes and topics or just one  pinboard.  Others can re-pin your pins on their page.  Your Pinterest account automatically links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts so that you can share the pins on your other social media accounts.  This shared networking helps to spread the word about your “pins”.  Videos can be “pinned” to oyur board  as well. 

The Chronicle of Philanthropy has a good article on “What Nonprofits Should know About Pinterest” that has valuable explanations and good tips.

Why would my organization want to use Pinterest?

We know that images and storytelling are a powerful way to communicate with an audience. Pinterest allows your organization to tell a story with images.  Further, it allows you to quickly and relatively easily gain exposure for your organization by linking to thousands of users.  Pinterest drives traffic to your website as the pins link back to the original source which assists in developing recognition of your organization.

This article from the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Using Pinterest as a Nonprofit Fundraising Engine” talks about using the tool for fundraising and to highlight your volunteers.  In the Huffington Post article, “Pinterest for  Nonprofits: 7 Organizations to Watch” the benefits of this tool to nonprofits are discussed.

How do we use Pinterest?

Conveniently there is a step by step guide for nonprofits to use Pinterest.  
There are some great tips and best practices in these articles -  “10 Pinterest Best Practices for Nonprofits” and “12 Ways to Use Pinterest for your Nonprofit”.  

Are other nonprofits using Pinterest?

Yes! Many of them are.  To see how other nonprofits are using Pinterest, visit These two articles list some good nonprofits to learn from on Pinterest -"11 Must Follow Nonprofits on Pinterest” by the blog Nonprofit Tech 2.0 is a good read as is the Huffington Post article, “Pinterest for  Nonprofits: 7 Organizations to Watch”. 

Be in the Know!

Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account, you can easily see what people are pinning from your website. Just visit [followed by the URL of your home page]

Best of luck. with this.  Have fun and maybe even find something fun for yourself -- theme for your next party, maybe?