Sailabration was a huge sucess! More to come in 2014!

Sailabration was a HUGE success and a great time for Baltimoreans and others that came to town to be part of it.  I'm proud to have worked on it along with a great inter-agency team of people and over 600 volunteers! 

Sail Baltimore, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, and Star-Spangled 200 were all-stars in making sure this event was so successful. 

I was contracted with Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts to work on this event and learned so much about ALL that they do.  Check out their website or Facebook page! I am very impressed with the talent in their office and the professionalism in managing such large events (Artscape, for example).  This is a great group to volunteer with as well.  They understand the value of volunteers and will treat you well.  And their events are fun, fun, fun!

I am proud of Baltimore... looking forward to more War of 1812 commemoration in 2014 in Baltimore.  Meanwhile, there are smaller events throughout the state between now and then.  Learn more!